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Identity Linking Interface Networks (ILINs): The Future of AppBased Labor.

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

ILIN is a new way of doing work through apps that focuses on people instead of machines. This new way of working makes sure that people are in control and get fairly compensated for their work. It's a decentralized person to person system that makes service transactions transparent and better for everyone involved.

ILIN is a new standard in app-based labor that seeks to shift the focus from centralized, virtual machine algorithms to people-powered technology that enhances the real world, instead of masking it. RealWorldNative has long asserted that the primary beneficiaries of any services transaction should be the people performing the service and the party paying for and receiving the same. ILIN seeks to codify identity, including ownership of pre-audited identities, independence, and person-to-person transactions that take the full human effect into account. The goal is to ensure that everyone's individual contribution is accounted for and fully transparent, and to compensate workers through a decentralized proof of work level compensation system. This shift from app-based labor to network-based linked identity services will enable a gig economy that is community-based and designed to enhance the organic human experience. People matter more, not less, in this new world dynamic, as they have the tools to be individually relevant in the transaction and compensated accordingly.

ILIN uses new technologies like AI & Blockchain that make sure that everything is transparent and everyone knows what's going on. This way, there are no secrets, and everyone can trust each other. It's like a new level of trust and transparency that makes work better for everyone."

ILINs provide a secure and decentralized way to authenticate personal identities and facilitate secure connections between individuals in various contexts, including ride-sharing and dating.

ILIN power DriverHR's RideShare Identity Linking Interface Network (RILI) and DriveCard0x

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