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ILIN power: DriverHR's RideShare Identity Linking Interface Network (RILI) and DriveCard0x.

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

ILINs provide a secure and decentralized way to authenticate personal identities and facilitate secure connections between individuals in various contexts, including ride-sharing and dating

Disrupting RideShare one transaction at a time

Identity Linking Interface Network Protocol (ILINs) is an innovative new platform protocol that enables personal identities to be codified onto a blockchain ledger and given a decentralized identifier tied to a proximity-based data over an audio LISNR smart tone. The Essence Present hashed smartone uses biometrics and the tone to authenticate within proximity, providing a secure and immutable identity verification system.

One use case for ILINs is DriverHR's Identity in Motion platform, which uses the ILIN Protocol to decentralize RideShare drivers and enable an independent driver network, allowing riders and drivers to connect peer-to-peer without using Uber and Lyft. Drivers onboard on-chain through PrivateDriver0x, a network for authentication, and can be verified through InstantDriverCheck when riders get a RideTRUST RideShare Passport. Their Essence Present smartone, tied to their biometrics and DID, is verifiable within proximity, ensuring safety for both drivers and riders.

In short, RILI offers a secure and immutable identity verification system that uses biometrics and audio LISNR smart tone to authenticate within proximity. Overall, ILINs can be used in various contexts, including ride-sharing and social media dating apps, to enable secure connections and decentralized networks.

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